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Well, for a few years, this was a very common question. In the end it turned out that a lot had to do with the age of the piano itself. When the first grand pianos (like the Leopold Schumann or the Fender Cozner) were manufactured, almost all the people doing the testing said you would have to have an advanced degree in piano to be able to play one. But now the same tests are being done for the average playing age. They say you can do it, but no one really claims it to be anything but for “older people.”

As far as whether they would be able to perform with a good standard, all the testing has shown that all the standard tests are very good, but at different levels. The top standard piano testing for people aged 20-30 is “general” with a score of about 300. For “old pianists” or those over 60, the score is about 200. So, as you have seen, the higher the standard the better.

So if someone claims to have an extraordinary capacity for playing piano, no one claims they have more ability than they would to play standard piano in that age group. There are, of course, some extremely gifted pianists, but as far as the vast majority goes, they probably do not have nearly as much ability if compared to the majority of piano players in general.

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Another type of musician that is thought of as being very talented is the child piano player. This person could become a grand pianist, as you may have already heard. But does anyone seriously think that the child can play at any higher standard than the grown-ups? To answer the above question we need to understand how the skill level of a piano player develops.

How is age related to a piano player’s skill level?

The age at which a child can start to play piano and a grand pianist begin to play grand piano is dependent on their experience, on their ability to focus (practice hard), on their understanding of music in general, and on what has been done to increase their musical understanding and their musical skills. At the youngest the child would be able to play the keys. As they age, they will need to gain a greater understanding of music. The piano player will need to become familiar with more difficult pieces, particularly difficult ones with longer passages, etc. He or she will also need to learn to play different techniques and to move the strings with particular technique. As the number of

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