Is there an app to learn piano?

The app is currently being built and tested with Android version (1.5 or lower). It will be released as soon as we are able to properly test and release it on Android. This feature of the app is purely experimental and there may be issues with it as well.

The app was built with the best music technology available in order to learn the instrument. It is not intended to provide any real training information and all information is purely optional.

What’s the deal with the game?

All the money that will be spent on the game will go as an “Annoyance Fund”. As we progress it is possible that we will have to release additional content.
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What music will be played?

We have a great range of music to choose from and we plan to continue to add to that, but will always leave a good mixture of standard and jazz tunes. The aim is to mix in a bit of rock and a few of the traditional rock tunes, as well as some contemporary stuff. We have found that most people play the whole album with us and the best way that we can really impress upon them what we are planning is by having many, many people with us.

How much gameplay time will I need?

We want as many people as possible playing through the game just to learn the instrument with the aim of having some fun!

Do I have to play the same instruments as the music?

Yes, you have to play the whole album and any additional instruments should be acquired via normal gameplay.

Do I need to buy the whole album?

Yes you will definitely need the whole album to get the best experience from the game.

Will I get to keep the music?

In the events of the game you will get to keep the new albums we put out.

Will I lose things?

No! The whole album is saved to your music library for you to pick up the next time you want to see the music again. You can find all of the album in your library (which you will be given just before the game unlocks for you) right after starting the game.

Will I get a soundtrack?


What if I don’t like the music?

There is no sound proofing mode in the App, but you can be quick about it and turn it off.

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