What should I learn first on piano? – Flowkey Piano Compatibility

How to hold the keyboard.

What does “open” mean?

The “click” sound.

How to learn the piano chords.

An excellent video to help you get acquainted with the piano keyboard and to create that sound.

What are the “sounds in the piano” (SIPs)?

The sound from a piano playing a chord.

The sound of clicking.

Singing a song on the piano while making sounds (a “blues” piano).

How to create a “swing” on the piano.

What are the “keyboard shapes”?

The piano keyboard.

The different notes.

The various keys on the keyboard.

Some other important keys – like the “F” key, the “B” key, the “C” key, the “G” key, etc.

How to learn how to produce your own sounds in your own instrument!

What can we do on the piano to prevent boredom?

Here are some things we have been told can be beneficial, but that we have never had the good fortune to learn.

Have you tried these things?

Here are three techniques I have learned to create myself some interesting sounds; and how they can be used for the piano in the future!

Finally bought my first Digital Piano - Roland FP-30 : piano
If you have had the opportunity to play piano for 20-25 years, try them all!

What you will see…

In a few minutes, you will be able to create a few of your own piano sounds, along with your own ideas – for which you may wish to play at piano recitals, etc.

A nice place to start is with these piano exercises; that will get you going on creating piano sounds and making melodies.

I hope they are helpful.


Rory A.

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