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As far as music lessons in my opinion? I’d say 16 years old, since the teenage years are very special for me. I get a lot of ideas from my teenage years. I do love to go out for the early morning runs and that, combined with all the fun music I make, I find the best place is when I go out with my friends for all kinds of parties or events.

You’ve released four solo albums. How did that journey begin for you?
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As far as the actual career that I want to do goes, I started doing music at around 12, when my friend Jari asked me to write for her song. At the time, we had no idea what music would be when we started, in that sense. And so the very first song I wrote for us was ‘Tutti Frutti’. It was a song about a car and a guy with a guitar and we just thought it would be cool if his whole life was being driven by a car, so that’s what we did to the song.

I was playing the guitar and my friend had a beatboxing class during my school times and I got really interested in music and the way he played his drum is something that I found really interesting. After that I started recording and then I met Tessa. He was the producer for the track ‘Good Day’ during the time that it was an EP and that made me love music again. And so I recorded a track and then I met Tessa and we started doing more and more songs together.

What kind of music do you listen to right now?

I just like a lot of electronic, hip hop/rap stuff, but even when I made these songs for myself, I would always go to DJ sets for them. I always liked what DJ’s do, in the first instance anyway, to do their best stuff.

What kind of people influence you?

I think I’m influenced by my own self. Like if I listen to music, most music in my opinion I would say I got more inspired from the DJ I listen to. So if one thing gets me inspired, I’d say it was him. I know if I listen to hip hop or electronic stuff, it makes me excited and I get excited because I can’t do the same things. I don’t get the same energy that I get when I’m playing in a club.

What’s your process like after recording a new track? Do you

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