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A new paper is showing that the U.S. government’s new regulations for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could have a serious impact on the health of U.S. citizens, as they threaten to take away the most important safety protection the FDA gives to food safety.

According to a recent report entitled BioMethyls: Health Risks and Opportunities for Methylation in Bacteria, these new regulations “might not reduce the incidence or frequency of foodborne illness outbreaks that currently occur but do result in an increased number of deaths that would otherwise not occur.” Specifically, they are causing people to eat GMO foods more frequently, thereby increasing the frequency of illness, rather than decreasing the number of health issues.

Additionally, the study, published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, shows how the regulation may change eating habits across the country: it finds that “regulatory changes in the United States … are leading to a change in the overall food environment” that could make the U.S. less safe as a food source and ultimately lead to increased risk of illness and death.

The authors write that because of the FDA’s regulatory changes, “the foods that are most frequently recommended to Americans today … have significantly different glycemic index values (GI values), higher total fat, and higher cholesterol contents.” The new regulation is “expected to improve the glycemic index of many foods consumed by Americans under both normal and abnormal health conditions.”

The study authors write that this may lead to further harm in the U.S., which may lead to people skipping meals, decreasing the number of emergency-room visits, and more. They conclude, however, that, since GMO foods are such low-risk foods and the government may not recognize their danger, many of the harmful effects observed might be masked.

This new study comes on the heels of another study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, which suggests that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed-killer, could be causing kidney damage in rats and possibly other species. If true, this may lead to more public attention being paid to the issue.

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