What age is best to start music lessons? – Piano Lessons App Ipad

It depends on you. I am a music lover and am looking forward to learning more about the art of playing the drums with you in the future! If you’ve got a youngster that can learn quickly, try to let them begin lessons at around 16 years old. If they’re a bit older, then at that age you can be a little more strict. Whatever happens and is best for your family, however, I suggest having a fun session for them. You don’t want to discourage them from playing the drums, but instead encourage them and allow them to see it as a natural part of their development.

Can you recommend a great YouTube channel for a musician to watch?

The best YouTube channel would be this one. The thing is, they have a great selection there, and they put together a lot of videos of people just learning the drums like me, or of drum instructors. My advice would be to focus on the first three or four weeks to get into the groove; but once you’re in a groove with how fast they can produce, then I think you should go through each video, listen to them, and then get as many as you can.

You’ve said that you’ve been using the internet to learn a lot of drumming material, so how do you stay updated?

Well for this I have been using YouTube for a long time. I’ve been watching it for about 3 or 4 years now, and I use it often when I get a song that I think I might like and I want to share with my family and friends. The most time I am looking out for is when I’m doing demos, and I am trying to learn the drumming so as to see if it interests someone like me.
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On to your YouTube channel where you produce videos on your drumming.

I have a few drumming YouTube channels, one of them is called Stereobroof (which I’ve covered before), and that’s really good. The main reason I’ve been focusing on that, however, is that it’s where I have had many of my drumming videos published. That’s an exciting way to work, to have a lot of free material out there, and have the drumming content published there. It’s also where I have posted a lot of my drumming work, and I think that’s a great benefit.

I’d say that there are a lot of drummers out there just like you, who love to learn the drums,

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