What instrument should I choose to learn?

Learning guitar is more than just getting better at one instrument. If you’re a musician, you’ll want to learn more than one instrument. If you’re not, you’ll find yourself learning from multiple musicians who are better than you at the one instrument you’re trying to learn.

The following sections list instruments most commonly picked for soloing and playing in a band.

How I play guitar:

What is good guitar playing?

One of the most common things people think about when they think about good guitar playing is that it involves lots of picking. Many guitarists think the following:

You just pick, or you use a strumming chord. You hit the strings, you tap the fretboard, you play the chords with a pick, and you’re done.

As a guitar player you will never use a strumming chord for guitar playing. While you may have some idea for a riff or lick, there will never be a time where you need to rely on picking to get to that riff.

If you want to write a great riff, you need a lot more than the chords to write it. And if you want to write a great solo, you need the most important note possible on the guitar! So when you listen to a song for hours on end, you will be using your fingers and chords for chords, and that chord is never going to be any good. That is the worst case scenario of “picking”.

If you want to study guitar practice techniques, you need to focus on picking. There isn’t ever a time where you will need to use your hands to play a lick or rhythm; you will have your fingers and your picks and there are many other things you will be able to do if you study properly. The best way to learn to write a good riff, to play an ascending solo, and to play an ascending chord is to study the best picking techniques. If you study guitar you will probably find yourself studying a lot of “practice” you can get with a pick.

Guitar technique is more the skill than the instrument. If I have a great neck and a good strumming chord, I might use my neck to strum and make a chord sounding a lot better than if I could strum with a hand.

How do I pick the guitar neck?

First let me say that if you study this properly and play well, you will pick the guitar’s neck using the following method: