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The key to this question is knowing which keys on the keyboard are a piano’s primary control.

Most keyboards are controlled by four physical keys:

Arrow keys

Control bar or shift keys

Numpad + and –


The keys on the keyboard are grouped in terms of the function that is meant to be performed on those keys. Some of the most common actions a piano player is accustomed to performing are those that control the keys at those four points:

Arrow keys are used to move the cursor from one position to another.

Enter is used to move the cursor up or down.

Return moves the cursor to the beginning.

For example, if the cursor moves from “Up” to “Down” and you press ENTER, you jump into the next bar. The same would be true if you pressed the keyboard’s space bar to move it forward, and then pressed ENTER.

The arrow keys can also be used to scroll horizontally, vertically, and diagonally up and down.

Shift and Control keys may be used to move about in the keyboard at the same time (although the keyboard is a single key with only one set of keys).

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When you play with the keys in the keyboard, the piano’s keypads are constantly being refreshed.

So which keys on the keyboard are most similar to a piano? That’s easy. It would be very easy to determine which keys on the piano are more like the keyboard of a player who uses the piano for work. I chose that as my goal. To that end, I used keyboard typing and typing analysis to select the keys on the piano most similar to that of such a player.

I then divided the keys into four regions of influence as follows:





Arrow keys and control bars are found primarily on the fingers and wrist of the piano player.

Arrow keys and control bars are also found on the fingers but also on the fingertips of the player’s hands. These would be considered the most similar keys to playing a keyboard (because they were often placed directly on the fingers).

The following pictures illustrate the keys and their relationship to each other:

The arrow keys on the piano are the most similar to playing a keyboard.

The arrow keys on the keyboard are the most similar to playing a keyboard on a piano.


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