Is 61 keys enough to learn piano? – Learn Piano Keyboard Online Free

Let’s find out – from the first chord to the last one …

As you can see, you can just play the chords – except that in the case of those six chords that aren’t listed here, you need to learn chords by ear. To do this, just play your key for at least one whole step – but don’t stop at this: every single note in the key, starting with its root, can be mastered by ear only. That’s a lot of stuff to remember!

In order to become a master of chords, you have to practice for at least a year, and do this on the piano at least once a day. (This means at least once every other Friday evening at 10pm, and twice a week between 5 PM and 7 PM, or as needed.) You can’t stop until you’ve mastered the entire vocabulary of every single chord; that’s an extremely hard and strenuous task requiring considerable concentration. You must go every Friday evening in order to master a single chord, without stopping. But as you start to improve, keep expanding your key practice: it can take many years of training before you will be so adept at a new chord that you don’t have to stop just one day.

Don’t bother going to a friend’s house every Friday – you won’t have your fingers to spare to perform the chords as well as you would have done otherwise. You might just learn a couple of new chords in a couple of days.

So how do you do it? There are two obvious methods.

You can work only on the first, or only, half of your key and practice that. You could pick a key, play the chords every morning, and be quite proficient at a little more than half of it in no time. The other method is to work on the first half of your key by heart. A key is made up of all a scale’s notes, and you play them in the order in which they’re shown in the key scale – the notes from your A and B scales in the 1st position, the notes in the 7th position, etc. If you’re playing the 1st note of your scale for a whole step, then you also play the notes of the first chord of that scale in that whole step – and you play them again every time you come up with a new scale, for an entire step. This method is also somewhat less common, but when practiced properly, this technique can get pretty much anyone very quickly to an extremely

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