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The best keyboard will have a unique shape – a ‘dome-shaped’ keyboard will be a lot more comfortable than the ‘circles’ of most typical keyboards. The design of a keyboard should also feature a special feature that is only accessible with special keys.

You can find this feature in the keys on the keyboards of a vintage piano. To play the music you have to move your fingers around the keyboards – when you hold a key down that is a different shape and shape is revealed.

You will know a keyboard is ‘unique’ if:

you can not find the same key (or keyboard) in many other keyboards

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a key or a number of keys has a shape or shape that is quite different from other keyboard keys and that you cannot get out of

a keyboard has a ‘dome-shaped’ shape or ‘circle-shaped’ shape… that is, a different size from the rest of the shape of the keyboard. This looks like a piano keyboard but it is actually NOT a piano! It is a very special key that you can only get when you use it with special keys – and that special key will always be a special key.

This means the most ‘unique’ keyboards are those that have a special shape, but also that the keys are different shape than normal keyboards you would encounter in everyday use! These include keyboards that look like keyboard with holes…

and keyboards that have keys that are not keys – it is quite interesting to notice that the keys on ‘Dvorak keyboard’ don’t correspond to the keys in ‘normal’ keyboards. In fact the ‘keyhole’ on ‘Dvorak keyboard’ is not the same as the ‘keyhole’ on standard keyboard.

The shape of the space bar – is the key shape – not the size!

The same type of questions will be asked when someone says ‘what keyboard is most like a piano’?

The piano design will be very well defined

The design of a piano will be very different from the design of a keyboard. The keys will be made of rubber, not plastic, with soft wood on the top of the keys. The keys will be made of aluminium with metal springs – a piano keyboard with this design will be much different from most ordinary keyboards you will find in the market.

The same type of questions can be asked when someone says ‘What keyboard is most like a guitar’?

The keys will be made of the same material

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