Which is harder violin or piano? – Piano Chords For Beginners

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I guess it kind of depends on what instrument you are playing on. I think if you play on piano a lot, then you probably should go for a little more. If not, I think it’s easier. For me, one thing I like about the violin is how they are, you can play chords and chords you can learn the whole string section, so I think it’s easy to keep on learning. A piano I think is harder to get comfortable with. Maybe they are the same and just have different names…

Which instruments have you enjoyed playing the most? Which instrument have you struggled the most with?

The violin was one that was really hard to learn that I liked for a while until a few months before I made the move to Vienna. Then that took a good long time, to finally get comfortable with. Then I really like the violins and the cello. I never really played a saxophone before. I did my second summer in Vienna in October. I played them a lot. It’s funny that the only saxophone I played a lot more than the other instruments was the one that got me the most. They didn’t really have a lot of the more classical styles that I like, so I was a little bit more reluctant when they would start. They’re really musical instruments so you have to feel that you have something that’s special to it. For the violins, they weren’t that hard, but then I had to study them for a bit. But with the cello and the violins, it’s difficult to understand what they have to do. It takes a lot of time because you have to understand everything.

What do you do to stay relaxed on the stage?

I am really relaxed. I just like to get in my groove. I am really into getting comfortable and making music. I play the bass and lead guitar the same way and make sure that I don’t go too crazy too much. I am definitely not an adrenaline junkie like this, but I am a very focused type of guy. I really don’t want to get too fired up or bored. I really want to do my best for my band.

What is the hardest instrument to practice with?

The most difficult instrument is probably the violin. I really hate playing the cello because if it’s too hard, I can’t keep it together. I tried with other instruments before, but I just couldn’t practice it really well. It happens so it’s not

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