Is there an app to learn piano? – Learn To Play The Piano Free Sheet Music

A simple app to play piano on iOS can be found here.

How much does a piano cost?

A standard piano will cost about £250–£320 in the UK. In the US and Germany the prices vary, with the top one being £300. You can get one of these for free in the US from

(Photo, source: YouTube)

A video showing a man in a T-shirt and cargo shorts attacking a man with an axe is making the rounds around the world.

The video is called Axe Man in India and was posted to YouTube by user ‘Lol’.

A quick recap of the video:

The axe-wielding man in the video is from Maharashtra in India but is named as ‘Sachin’ of Haryana.

As soon as the axe-wielding man comes nearer Sachin gets mad because Sachin wants to ask him a question.

Sachin gets mad again and punches Sachin twice on his head, chest and groin area.

After this Sachin starts swinging the axe again, this goes on for around 5 mins.

Here are some interesting facts about Sachin:

He is from Bihar.

He is the son of a politician.

He studied engineering in Pune and worked for a time in London.

When he was working abroad he was not even allowed to eat in the UK.
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He was in India for one or two weeks from 2012-13.

He has his own plane and has his own accommodation.

Here is an interesting video:

On this episode of The Comic Book Resources Show, we have a conversation with Marvel Comics writer Nick Spencer, writer of Spider-Woman! This was a guest appearance at the DC Comics panel. It was an interesting interview as Nick Spencer talked a lot about how they’ve made the switch and how they felt the new Spider-Man would fit in with the original. Plus the Marvel/Spider-woman title has a very interesting future! Listen to the interview as well as the full episode below!

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On The Comics Beat

A preview for a comic book series by The Comic Book Resources Show co-host Jeffry Lewis and co-

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