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What to do once you’ve learned how to make music at home

The essential steps to making music at home (learn all the steps step-by-step)

The difference between learning how to make music on your own and working with a professional
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Learning how to make music at home

There are a lot of great resources online so you can see how this is done. But first, I will go over the basics of making music at home.

How to Make Music at Home

First, you need a computer with the proper software to handle music production. This is where we need to start learning how to make music. In this case, I will be using Ableton Live to make this music on my PC. You will need to have a similar software on your Linux computer to make soundbites with.

You will also need: a microphone that is plugged into a USB cable, a computer and free space on your hard drive that you can save your music for later.

Step No. 1: You will need a computer with a compatible sound card. I like to use an old school computer that can’t handle sound on high detail tracks. The way this works is that the computer is taking high detail audio while the sound chip is filtering out the lower range sound so you can hear your track at its full loudness. Now, you’ve got sound, but where does it go? Why do we have low end (that’s what your computer is outputting) and high end (that’s your headphones outputting)? These are called bass and treble frequencies. You can check my previous music production tips to figure out what frequency ranges are used in electronic dance music. I’m using Bass and Treble in this guide. You will have your choice of low and high bass which you should use according to your style. If I’m making techno, I use low sibilant bass frequencies. I’ll be using high sibilant bass frequencies for the production. Just make sure those frequencies are low when you set your volume up. For example – When I am using the Bass control, I will turn down the volume from its maximum amount to the maximum. However, when I need to make electronic dance music, my main goal is to output my best sound while not having too much distortion and distortion like a big box or speaker does and that will require a higher volume than I’m used to. The other important thing is to have a bit of space. I want to be

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