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Musician Eddy C. Kupfer of the Mothlight in Washington, D.C., demonstrates how to make the first-ever commercial-sized music player called “Oooze” by “the sound engineer” of the Washington Monument. (Photo: Ed Kupfer: The Washington Post)

How can I make music at home?

If your music sounds good enough in a small speaker, and if you’re not too expensive, then it’s time to step up. There are a number of methods for how to do so, from using cheap microphones to “tuning” the output of your music player to your equipment.

Many people have tried to get this sound in a speaker, but they all seem to end in abject failure. This is because, to make the speaker work, you need to know exactly what you’re doing when it’s playing music. You want it to be playing music that you can actually enjoy listening to, but you don’t know exactly what that is.

To make the thing work in your own home, the two most common ways are to use your home-based multi-room studio, or to buy a dedicated music player to help you play music live on stage. If you have one, you can do it. But you’ll probably have to do a lot of tweaking of settings, or you won’t know what you’re doing.

If your home has a dedicated multi-room studio, you can make recordings of yourself with the player that comes with it. If it’s not equipped for that, you’ll still have to buy software and microphones that are capable of sending signal to the speaker, which can lead to some confusion and trouble.

Also, depending on your budget, you may well be able to use an audio system that is designed for playing music, as the music is much clearer and much harder to mess up in a multi-room system.

In other words, if you don’t know how to make a home record player, don’t buy one.

How about playing some music?

So now what? You’ve got a nice sound-card with a decent-but-not-great speaker, and you know you’re not going to make the next The Beatles. But what about music made on your computer? Well, if you’re in a new house, where you just want to get your music onto a CD, chances are that your computer speakers aren’t going to cut it.

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