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If you are in a hurry and think you can cram some more out of your brain, you can consider the answer this way: what you say, at a given moment in time, has more impact than what is said or done in the long run.

Consider this quote from a famous physicist:

“When I say something with too much mass then it will come through the air; but on the other hand when I say something small, in the right way it will be carried away. So if you want to say something with too little mass, then you ought to say it with too much”.

(George Gamow, The Essential Physics)

It’s a good piece of advice to heed, especially now that we have new technologies that make it possible to store data on the Internet.

The internet is no exception to this rule and you should keep in mind that in order to have your message delivered exactly when you need it to, you need to have high quality web servers.

Even if you are not using a browser, the data transfer from your browser’s local disk drive to your server’s local disk drive is slow.

I’m sure that most of you may know about compression, this technology in use today to make a piece of audio or video possible in its most compressed form.

When you encode a sound file, the compression can help to decrease the information content of the file. - Archives: 2011November 1, 2011The Law of ...
In the case of your web pages, most web servers will provide a free HTTP compression option, which will do the job nicely. So you may find that the number of bytes transferred by your system is the same as what you get when the compressed file is uploaded.

The reason for this is that the compression process occurs at the request, or even the transfer end of the HTTP protocol, so no one even sees what is going on inside the server.

You don’t need to worry about this unless you have a lot of text to encode: if you have about 6 or so words or so, it is probably not necessary to compress it. However, if you have 30, 40 or 50 words, the compression may help you to greatly increase the compression ratio, making things look “decompressable”; for example, in Flash.

Even the slow HTTP compression process is not very taxing as compared to the more demanding processes that can be involved when you encode.

To avoid over-compressing your page, you can consider choosing an encoding that offers

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