What is the acronym for rap? – Wanna Learn Rap God Fast Part Slowed

The “r” is short for rap – rap music

The “h” is the first letter of the rhyme for hoe.

And the “s” is short for rap song, music, or rhyme – rap.

A man who cannot pronounce or comprehend rap.

A “r” with a “r” sound

A rap with a “h” sound

Rap has a very simple and easy syllabic alphabet:

p – “p” rhyme

g – “g” rhyme

n – “n” rhyme

o – “o” rhyme

a – “a” rhyme

t – “t” rhyme

r – “r” rhyme

Asking someone about rap and they will make up a word to explain it.

They will describe a rhyme as –

“He rhymed his verses like a pied Piper – a rhyme”.

Or they will explain the lyrics as a –

“His rapping was like a rap song”,

Or they will describe it as –

“Rapping music is like a rap song – and rhyming is like rhyming music”.

Here’s the rhyming chart of rhyming words:

It’s like a big list of things and words!

So what’s the word with the longest possible alphabet – “rac”?

“Rac” is a variant spelling of “rage” – this spelling “races” with the “i” (i is a “r” sound so it comes first) as in “rage”.

It’s a good spelling, it’s easy to spell, and it has the sound of an uppercase “i”.

Here’s the chart of rage words:

Why do many rap lyrics have a rhymes with “r”?

Most rap lyrics can be understood as jokes and make fun of one aspect of ourselves or people around us.

For example:

In “The Real Slim Shady”, which has been the subject of many rap verses, the lyrics are:

“The most famous rapper from the Bronx, the most famous rapper on the West Coast and one of the most hated in the city.”

In “The Real Slim Shady 2”, the lyrics are:

“Rise from his grave in the corner and he can rasp

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