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This is the main point that we must understand and take note of, that it is the speed of sound of that sound (sound waves) that are important.

A sound wave being emitted from a mic or amplifier and moving through the air will be at a point in time called the velocity of sound.

As the temperature increases, this speed change will decrease.

As a sound wave in this frequency range moves through the air, it also emits a sound wave that varies in speed.
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When a sound being emitted from the speakers can travel at approximately 10 kph (kph = meters per second).

It will travel for approximately 0.001 seconds or 1/10 of a second

(0.001 seconds or 1/10 of a second), in the first second;

for approximately 0.005 seconds or 2/40 of a second, in the second second.

When a sound was emitted from a microphone and moves for approx. 100 meters (1 mile), it will travel for approx. 0.001 seconds or 1/10 of a second.

And so it goes, each sound that is generated by the microphone can travel for approximately 0.001 seconds or 1/10 of a second at the time that it is emitted from a speaker.

In this sense, it should be a very important point to keep in mind, that sound waves come in different frequencies and that sounds that can travel much faster than that are the easiest for our brains to comprehend and process and do not have to be processed by our ears before they arrive at our ears.

This is another reason why we find sound in such a fascinating and interesting form, since sounds that are much more complex and complex than that which we perceive can sound really different and beautiful (to our ears and brain) than sounds that are much simpler and less complex. It is this same reason why it is so important to understand how we hear in relation to the frequency ranges that are available to us.

How do we hear things?

According to our brains, sound travels at a much faster rate as we move farther away from each other and more distant sounds.

This is why we can be able to hear things at distances that we would normally only be able to hear in closer proximity. This is also why we have the capacity to perceive colors and shapes much more than we have the capacity to perceive sounds (and hence, shapes also).

The speed at which sounds travel through

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