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A little over 13 years old. But, if you remember from the beginning of these videos, he didn’t know shit. He was just here to make music, I think, but he was a total fucking mess (so, it worked out, but that’s on me). He played a couple of songs from a record that his girlfriend bought him. His only “talent” was a shitty drum machine (the best drum machine that money could buy). He didn’t have an Internet connection and didn’t know what he was doing (he was literally homeless and he had no clue what he was doing until he was 18) so he played the songs for me at my house when I was out of town (I was at my family’s house). I took pictures as we played.

Coolio is actually one of the many reasons I love this video. That’s it! This guy went from being an annoying, loud dude trying to rap to being a man who knows exactly how to do his thing and gets to do it well. It’s a very cool, personal story about how you get from this “unskilled” kid and now into the kind of dude who takes things seriously, and shows what he’s made of. And it’s not that the dude can rap, it’s the fact that he can rap. The fact that he’s so willing to make people laugh in my defense is awesome. I don’t think a rapper could have done a better job of making this kind of video.

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Coolio did all of this out of pure hate and rage. He hated the way the music industry works and the money they pay to artists for playing on their songs. He was also fed up with all of the money he gave them for the “entertainment.” This is all pretty depressing. He got so mad that I made fun of his name and had him play on this song, he basically ripped me off, called me a “big fat nigger,” and started crying like the shit. I told him that the reason nobody likes his music is because no one likes him for him, his fans are all like, “I’m gonna throw these shit at ya” and not “lol I like it too” and “yo let me call you a nigger” and fuck. That’s it. I don’t really care if nobody likes him or if he gets mad at anyone, because that’s the only kind of attention he cares about. When he gets mad at me, he’s actually all about me.

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