How old is hip hop? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Instrumental Worship

Who are it’s biggest fans? It’s the hottest topic and controversy in today’s music world.

Let’s find out.

1.) First things first: hip hop is not “hipster rap”. Like my friend says it doesn’t have any of those things, but it is definitely based in “feel in hip hop”.

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2.) The label for hip hop that is being used is “Rap”.

3.) It is the “sound that defines you”.

4.) Hip hop is just one of many styles of music, not a genre.

5.) Hip Hop has changed. It has never changed its origins. It’s all about people doing music and sharing that music online today. Today it is all about lyrics and creativity, but the roots are the same.

6.) If you ask my friend for his definition of a nerd they will say something like (and he likes to say ‘gook’): “I’m an intellectual nerd, which means that I’m good at something I enjoy, and a nerd isn’t a cool person”. I see geek culture a little different than this.

When the music has just started, it is a time that is very fluid and it has its own pace.

7.) Hip hoppers are not nerds.

8.) Hip hop is not about how good you are at it. It’s about the people who are good at it.

9.) Hip hop has nothing to do with the “New Age Music” or “Gangster rap” (this is an opinion of my friend, based in my experience)

10.) Hip hop has everything to do with the people who do it. Not the bands or the people who listen to the bands. Also, not the bands who make the bands. Rap (and music) is about people doing things. It’s not about a single person doing something to make it bigger.

11.) No one is born into hip hop. It’s not about whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or not, it’s about how you grew up in a musical environment.

12.) Everyone has a role in rap. A hip hop group makes its own thing, not one group is good, none of them are bad. If your music is not good then you’ll either have to find another place for it, or you’ll have to do something else. This is not an opinion of mine, it is based on my experience

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