Is rap a genre? – How To Learn Freestyle Rapping Tips

No, not really. Rap is a group of disparate genres, or groups of genres. It is comprised of a lot of different styles, in addition to songs that have been co-opted from other styles. For example, a lot of the lyrics on Jay-Z and Drake songs refer to themselves as R&B but aren’t R&B or even hip hop. It’s a much more diverse approach.

Rappers typically write from a point of view that is outside of the norm. A lot of artists write “soul.” Soul is the term you use when you’re writing a gospel album. Soul rap is a more unique approach.

Do you have a way to describe your vision for the album?

My vision is just to be my own guy, to create this music with my creative vision and I believe that by doing that, I can actually create art that people actually get something out of, whether it’s music, film, artwork, etc. I’ve never done anyone else the album before and I feel like I’m giving this album back to the community. I wanted to give back to the fans and I wanted to give something back to the artist that I enjoy listening to and listening to them as a fan. When the music takes it away from me or when my connection to it gets severed, it really hurts me, in a spiritual way. I felt like it was important to create this album with a vision. So if people don’t get what my vision is for this album, and they don’t like it because I used the wrong word or I used the wrong word that they don’t appreciate, so be it.

Do you envision the album as being accessible to everyone?

I would love to say yes but I would say no. I don’t know where people are coming from to say, “That’s so cool! I can’t wait to hear more!”, “What the hell is this crazy shit I’m listening to!” or whatever. I think it’s all about creating that kind of creative environment and feeling comfortable with myself as a person. I have a family with different cultures and I feel like I need to be open with myself and allow myself to be what I like and have fun with my ideas. If I was afraid to have fun myself or not be open about it, it might be the wrong album and I’d be writing a more conventional album.

What are your plans for the future?

I want to give a lot of art

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