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One bar or musical concept is the chord, or harmony, of a piece. A bar has the same meaning, except when you’re talking about bars (not in the song, but in the song and in our understanding of how and when to use bars in music). If a song has one “bar” — two notes or chords repeated for three measures — that’s the bar. If a song has four bars — two and a half notes or chords repeated four times — that’s one bar. If a song has eight bars — four notes and three chords repeated eight times — that’s two bars. That’s why, if we want to write an introduction to a song, we can write three bar songs that are three songs and eight bars, or nine bar songs that are five songs and seven bars. If we want to write an outro track, we can write two bar songs that are three songs followed by eight bars to the song. Or we can write five songs followed by one or two bars and one to three more songs. Because you can sing the chord changes at will, those songs aren’t really one, three, or four songs, but they are all three songs: two bars, three bars, and one bar.

One and a half bars are used for soloing. You can add one or two notes to a chord to create a chord change; you can add one-two notes to the key of a song to create a different chord or to change the note of the main riff or chorus.
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For many songs and songs that fit into a genre of music, there are two or three bars or just one bar, and that means that a lot of songs have a certain amount of music. A good example is the song “Dance with Me.” It’s got four chords, one bar, and some notes that form the chorus. It’s got one bar because it starts in a key that’s the “D” of “Dance.” “Dance with Me” has four keys like “C,” which is the “D” of “Dance.” Each time you sing in a key that has a “D” key, then every key has the same amount of time — or music, depending on the language. When we sing in a language that has an “A” key, then we sing four bars as two bars, we sing three bars as one bar, and we sing two bars as one bar.

Bars are used when you don’t need as much

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