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“You a bar,” he says, “the way you walk with your feet in the air.” He’s talking about the way that you walk, he says, or the way you talk. The “hip-hop” of the word, he says, is “the language of the foot.” The “hip-hop” of the words is the way you feel. So it is with hip-hop and barrio.

The “street” is where things are going to break down and break down quickly. People say, “When did things like hip-hop and rap become part of American society?” I say, “They are not part of American society” because they take the middle classes for granted. The street, the “back door,” is where we get our fix. It’s the way I deal with business people, and it’s how I deal with customers. I like business and a lot of people don’t like me because I play well. I’m not the guy people are looking for, the guy who plays well.

How about the way I look? Well, you’re a gentleman, the way you look, you’re respectable. That’s the way you should look.

The way your looks reflect on me, and the way I see the world, is by me being in your space. Just as if I was in your living room, or my living room with you—or you in my living room—we’re each looking over the top of the other, and I like that.

B-Ball, the Barrio Barrio is the bar that I am in. I’m in here with my family, my friends, but I’m not really doing anything. I am just a spectator of it.

I’m not really in the business, really. For me, the business is to do something as quickly and easily as possible, as small as possible, and just to get in there and do something. The business is to create, not to make the thing that’s in the world. I don’t make records. I don’t write songs for albums.

You’re a man of the people, the people in this country. We don’t hear this shit in bars all day long. We know every man has a different point of view from the ones who are dominating in the streets.

I believe what I do in my home on the corner is what I do every day. I believe what I like in my music, just like every man

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