What do bars mean in rap?

They’re the bars that represent a sound. If a rapper has good raps, but he doesn’t have good beats, that’s OK — if people don’t like what he’s doing, no one likes what he’s doing.”

Cavalli has said in the past how rappers “are trying to find where they fit in the music world.”

For those who don’t know, hip-hop is a genre that has seen its fair share of innovation and growth. In the last few years, several popular rap acts such as Drake, Future, Young Thug and T.I. all have begun incorporating more electronic beats in their work, and in doing so, are making an impact in their respective markets.

Tucked into a side entrance on the main floor is a small entrance room that houses a hidden compartment where a small collection of tools can be found.

The tools include:

The chest has a key in it and a book that can be read.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) – Swedish prosecutors plan to file charges against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange over sexual assault charges leveled against him by two women in 2010, according to an internal memo seen by Reuters.

After a Swedish court acquitted Assange in June 2010 of rape and sexual molestation, the prosecutor’s office said it would file criminal charges by June 13. The document is dated Jan 15 and it was not immediately clear when the charges would be handed down, or if they would be a result of the latest twist in the case.

The documents, which have not been independently confirmed, would appear in a case brought against Assange by two women who claim they were attacked by Assange while he was in the country on an exchange program that resulted in the rape.

Assange denies the crime and his attorneys are preparing for his release on bail to avoid jail.

He fled the country in June 2012 and has lived for more than a year in an Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid questioning by British police.

The WikiLeaks leader is unlikely to be freed as a result of his conviction, with the only way for the government to release him could be a conviction on the charges against him – which carry a possible sentence of 15 years in prison for each count.

WikiLeaks, which leaked U.S. diplomatic cables to embarrassing effect, had called for the charges to be dropped.

The memo is the internal document of the Swedish police authority leading the case against Assange. It has not been made public