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In English, dew is a word that is used when referring to the water that contains the seeds of many herbs in the plant world. It is a synonym for watermelon.

In Mexican Spanish the word dewa, also refers to watermelon-like flowers called tomatillos. In English, dew is used for watermelon when referring to the water that is left over after the tomatoes have been washed off (like when boiling a watermelon-flavored drink).

In Spanish we call the flowers a “vía” in the sense that we are washing them from the fruit; in English we just call them a “watermelon-flavored drink.” So, watermelon flowers aren’t as interesting but they do make a great appetizer.

Where do watermelon plants get their nectar?

Watermelons are generally thought to get their nectar from several plants:

In Mexico, both red and yellow varieties have a nectaring zone (see the table below) when pollination occurs. However, there are other types of watermelons and only some of these plants can give them nectar. And they can even die after flower nectar has been produced. So, it doesn’t matter which plant, if any, you try to pollinate, you will have to work a lot for the fruit to appear.

Punched watermelon (Merrillaria mangifera) is the most sought after fruit for this reason.

A male strawberry plant (Rubus semilanceata) is a good source of nectar, especially if it’s female.

Yellow watermelons (Melanophyllum napellifolium) are a particularly great choice for the nectar. They have both male and female flowers so both parents can be seen.

And yes, the female nectar can also be found in other watermelons and fruit.

What exactly is watermelon nectar?

The watermelon seed is rich in beta carotene, a color-deficient chemical. Beta-carotene is also found in many crops such as tomatoes, carrots, and some fruit. But when watermelon seeds are fertilized, they will produce a high dose of beta carotene and other antioxidants.

Beta carotene is a very powerful antioxidant and a good food for your body, mind, and pets. In fact, it’s used to treat and prevent cancer, cardiovascular disease

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