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Hangouts started as a way to play music on the desktop computer, then I started to write my rap song, not knowing what a hip hop song was. That was a first rap song. It was called the first rap song, because it was just hip hop, and not a bunch of different artists.

How did Drake get into rap?

The first time I heard his music I thought it was this really funky soul music, but when I heard it live I got hooked. I didn’t expect him to be so talented. The first single we recorded was “Bitch Sitter,” which was a song that was inspired by a rap group that had been out in the city, The Run-DMC, and they had this great song called “Rapper’s Delight” and I was talking about that as it was going on, so that went to the top of my hit list right away. We went back and listened and Drake came up with a similar version of “Bitch Sitter” and we recorded it.

Can you name all the artists who have had a big impact on your life?

A couple of the biggest artists I met from music-wise, from Drake to Busta Rhymes. Drake would come and rap in the club or at work and when he came off his tour he was there every week working on a track and I’d come in and record. I’ve been in the studio with him a couple times and we’ve started a number of projects together and I got the respect of him from making some dope songs.

I met Busta Rhymes at an early age, in my fourth grade, he wasn’t even at the school because he was in Miami. I just met him in the street and he introduced me to him. He was one of the biggest artists around. That’s the best way I can describe it. He’s so talented. Even when we first started on rap he was just using it as a way to make money, to get the attention of girls. He was just so talented and I was so into it that I didn’t understand why there wasn’t more artists like him.

That’s how great you are.

I want to do whatever I want. I want to write my own song but I can’t because that’s going to ruin my career because nobody listens to my songs.

Can you explain Drake’s connection to Hip Hop? How have they influenced each other?
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