What’s MC short for?

In French, a mécanix is a “pocket monster” and a mecanix is a “monster”. Mecanix is slang for either “Monster” or a “mini monster” that can be picked up and tossed into the air and will come back if touched. The mecanix is also a nickname for small “mini-monsters”.

How are MEC items used

A mecanix can be thrown with the right hand like any other item or placed in your inventory like a normal item. You can see your mecanix in your character’s inventory. You can change the mecanix by opening your left inventory and selecting it from your inventory to change it. You can also pick it up, place it in your inventory, and place it in front of you without having to use the ability. You can then use the ability to pick it back up.

You can throw a mecanix with the Right Hand for use in the following situations:

Pick up items that you can’t use immediately

Throw items into the air to get rid of a minion.

Throw items from distance without having to use range to reach it.

Use MEC items to defend yourself in the midst of combat

When you are being attacked by a creature, you can use myconixes to defend yourself from the attack. The MEC mecanixes don’t actually do anything to you but the protection.

Mec Abilities

To use an ability, you must first pick it up from an open space; you can then use it. MEC items have a different range than regular items, use them accordingly.

To throw an ability, you must throw it and pick the mecanix up first, then you can throw again and pick the mecanix up, etc. If you throw it near a mekanix, you will have to use the range of the mekanix to throw the ability. This range can be lowered using a right-click on the MEKANIX.

MEC Abilities are:

I’m an MEC, but where can I get the MEC skills?

Click here to download a copy of the MEC skill trees.

To get the MEC level and skills for the levels 9, 40, 75 and 100.

Click here for level 50 skills

To get the level 70 class abilities.

Click here for the level 80 class