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If you’ve never heard of Meek Mill, let me clarify a little bit. Meek Mill has been around for more than a decade, but he’s never been a truly great rapper. He’s best known for his mixtape, which he released in 2012 after an impressive run at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards. From the very beginning, he’s been known for his blunt, brash, and sometimes profane lyrical style. But those are just the surface characteristics of his voice.

The real genius in his lyrics is the deep thought process behind his rhymes. The deeper the thought process, the more profound the song. Just like a good novelist, Meek Mill uses metaphor to create vivid imagery on his raps.

Here are a few of the greatest lines from our favorite rapper:

This isn’t the world to be born

There’s always another story to be written

Meek Mill: The Genius

If you’re looking for someone who can bring your childhood fantasies to life, here’s your guy.

Here comes the one with all my friends who want to kill ya

This isn’t a game

I’m in my own little world

Meek Mill: The Genius

If you get mad,

Don’t call the cops

When you get mad,

And don’t hit me

Meek Mill: The Genius

He got a story to tell

With that voice

Meek Mill: The Genius

I don’t know

The future is not on the table

He doesn’t have to worry

About any of us

Meek Mill: The Genius

All in all, Meek Mill’s got so many great lines in The Life of Pablo. I’ll leave you today to discover some of your favorites. But I have one more thing from Meek Mill, which is actually just his first verse on the album.

Here’s Meek Mill: Meek Mill’s First Verse.

(I) F**K with you or the whole city (I) Don’t make no mistake

You don’t matter

(W)e’re all in this

You’re on the label

There ain’t no way out

Cause your momma’s home

Your dad’s home

I’m an up and coming artist that gets to know his fans (I) You tell me how to get

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