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Drake vs. Macklemore – Drake is the best rapper ever, despite having the misfortune of being named as the victim of this list. Even though the majority of rap songs use some form of “rap”, Drake’s song “One Dance” (which features a few bars from Kanye West) is still one of the most impressive rap songs ever.

Who is the worst rapper ever?

Kanye West vs. Drake – No surprises here! Kanye West and Drake don’t have the most successful song careers, but they have the most disappointing ones by far. If you go by the number of songs in a rapper’s back catalogs, though, Macklemore beats out both of these rappers… again.

Who is the greatest rapper of all time?

Tupac Shakur vs. Drake – If you’re talking about rapper greatness, who is the best? Tupac Shakur is currently making his return this year with his autobiography, The Run. He’s got some great songs, including one about his mom and some of the greatest rhymes ever about her. He also has a ton of incredible verses, so it’s no surprise that he won a Grammy. Drake may not have the incredible production skills, but he also has some of the greatest lyrics.
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Who is the best rapper of all time?

Kanye West vs. Drake – Kanye West is the best. His album, The Life of Pablo is an incredible release, and if Drake hadn’t had his recent feud with Taylor Swift, this whole thing could’ve never happened.

Who is the worst rapper of all time?

Tupac Shakur vs. Macklemore – It’s one thing to be on the list, but it’s another to be on the bottom of it. At least Tupac doesn’t have to deal with Taylor, and it’s nice having a better rap career than Tupac.

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