Who is the richest rapper?

1) Kendrick Perkins (Draymond Green)

2) 50 Cent (Michael Jackson)

3) Lil Wayne (Jay-Z)

4) Drake (Twenty One Pilots)

5) The Weeknd (Beyoncé)

6) Kendrick Lamar (A$AP Rocky)

7) Logic (A$AP Rocky)

8) Drake (Travis Scott)

9) 50 Cent (Big Daddy Kane, Michael Jackson)

10) Kanye West (The Notorious B.I.G., Michael Jackson)

11) Eminem (Jay-Z and 50 Cent, Michael Jackson)

12) Kendrick Lamar (A$AP Rocky, Jay-Z, Big Sean, Big Sean)

13) 50 Cent (Big Daddy Kane, Michael Jackson)

14) Eminem (Big Sean, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, Kanye West)

15) 50 Cent (Big Daddy Kane and Michael Jackson)

16) Kanye West (Big Sean, Jay-Z)

17) Lil Wayne (Jay-Z)

18) Big Sean (Chris Brown)

19) Rick Ross (Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross)

20) The Weeknd (A$AP Rocky, Jay-Z, 50 Cent)

As for the youngest rapper, the first, second and third picks belong to Drake.

Which rapper is the most famous?

1) Kanye West

2) Drake

3) 50 Cent

4) Lil Wayne

5) The Weeknd

6) Jay-Z

7) Drake

8) Future

9) Rick Ross

10) Drake

11) 50 Cent

12) Kendrick Lamar

13) Eminem

14) Big Sean

15) The Weeknd

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Who started the most rapping sessions?
Phonological & Phonemic Awareness - Reading Connection

The rapper most famous to start sessions with his record label is, of course, Kanye West. West started rapping in 2001 while still living at a friend’s home in Chicago. In 2003, West signed with Def Jam for $2 million. In 2005, he announced that he had signed with Apple Records, but in 2006, he left Apple for a record signing with Columbia. In 2007, he released his debut album “Bound 2” under the Columbia imprint. In 2009, he dropped his second