Who was the 1st rapper? – Rock N Learn Rap Opening

He was the first rapper, that was actually, you know, I saw the music videos of Tupac at that time. He was the first rapper to write songs, so that was really, I just think, this huge leap that these people did.

How did those videos come about?

They were, you know, all of a sudden I’m a rapper. That’s like, I can rap! I’m like, Wow, he just rips and he’s writing songs and he sounds cool. That kind of took a bunch of years for me. He went through a lot of shit where the person I was with at the time, you know, just let him go. They let me go for a little bit. I had two really strong friends who were able to keep me going and really help me when I was just like, No. You know, I have to be myself. I don’t understand how I do this. I don’t understand how I do music anymore. I’m not really, really good at it.

But the videos, that’s just his style and he came up with it in a way, like, I mean, I didn’t come up with anything. We just had the two of us sitting around, just singing, just, you know, writing songs. He just sat in that chair and we were just creating these songs from there. It was really a little bit of him, you know. I mean, he did do a lot of stuff with the ladies, but the videos, that’s who was the first rapper I ever noticed, you know, just this dude. We’re like, Hey, I’m from the same generation as him!
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And what’s like the reaction among your fans?

It’s pretty good. People love me. That’s something that’s pretty good. I remember the first time I ever posted something, and someone said, “Hey, you know that dude you wrote about?” It was just, you know, it was like, “I love it!” It took me one month to do that. If I would have posted that video a week earlier when I knew the first one was coming, I would’ve had a million people that wanted to watch it. I still get so many Facebook messages, you know, “Hey, why haven’t you posted that video? You know, you wrote the first one.” I’m like, You know what? I know. I really didn’t think about it.

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