Who’s the best white rapper? – How To Write A Rap Song

Kendrick Lamar, who, as we mentioned back in January, isn’t even considered “black” by some rap purists, but is a great rapper of the highest caliber, who’s earned all the praise from critics and fans alike.

But as far as “best rap songs of the year,” he’s still the runner up, and there’s a clear winner for a reason: Drake. Here’s a brief recap of some of his most notable tracks.

“Fancy” (“MAYDAY!!”)

This one is one of the most memorable and fun rap songs of the year. Drake doesn’t write his rhymes, so his beats are usually written by someone else, but he really got it going there—which is why the song’s hook is even better than the actual production. As the sample on the song and the lyrics go hand in hand, Kendrick’s verse on this song is some of the best yet from this year alone, and even if it isn’t a Drake song, it’s damn close.

“Control” (“Fade”)

Another one I didn’t talk about last time, but one of my personal favorites of 2017. This beat flows perfectly between the verses to make it quite the rapping experience. I love that both verses are a perfect complement to each other, as Kendrick does so throughout most of the song. This is just a great track to be heard around when you need to get back into that flow.

“Humble” (feat. Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, Jadakiss, Big Sean, and Lil Uzi Vert)

One of my favourite songs from 2016, “Humble” is a very catchy classic, filled with an incredible amount of soul and funk. If you weren’t familiar with the track before it was released, then make sure on the first listen that you’ve heard about it. It’s a truly amazing song that will definitely be seen on repeat in 2017. For me, one of the best rap songs of the year.

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