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It’s a game of death, of life, of beauty and destruction. But in the real world there are many more things: traps, traps, traps, traps. We are not in the trap with this film because I’ve made a lot of movies. We’re in the real trap with this film that’s being filmed. It’s not real. It’s not our world as people. It’s in the movie, and I had a long walk through that world. It’s the real trap.” [2]

Filmed across nearly three years, The Lost City of Z, directed by Martin Scorsese, is a fictional film series based on the real life story of the real life film Lost City of Z, based on The Book of Job, by American religious leader John Hagee.

The Lost City of Z contains some of the themes and ideas of spiritualism, which is a form of spiritualism which emphasizes the significance of spiritual encounters, visions and the use of the visionary medium, the medium or “magician” (aka medium). Also mentioned in the film is the idea of a kingdom of spiritual practitioners and practitioners’ beliefs regarding their place in the kingdom of heaven and hell. It also covers themes of self-identity in the world of spirituality. [3]

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To examine the impact of childhood vaccine uptake upon autism and to elucidate the mechanisms that link vaccination and autism.


The immunization rate for US and UK children in the period 2000-2010 has been increasing at an annual rate of 10%. However, the rate of vaccine uptake has increased at a sub-annual rate as well. No epidemiologic studies have been conducted as to whether or not vaccination has any adverse impact on development of autism, and the incidence and severity of this disease has remained constant at approximately 1-2 cases per 1,000 children for the past 60 years. The rate has also remained elevated in children within the low socioeconomic strata of society.


Many factors have been blamed for increasing the rate of vaccine uptake within children, but it is unclear which of them might be

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