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What are you talking about? We are not the same people. I am not at all like you. I was never called a pig.

I don’t care about you. I have nothing to do with your life and will never do it.

You are all so shallow! You all only care about yourself. You can care less about other people in general.

The only person you can be serious with is yourself.

What makes you think I’m a ‘pig’?

How much fun would this have been if someone said… “Your mom, her and me are going to eat you alive!”

We are not going to eat your body, you are.

If we can’t beat you, we will eat our own.

And that’s the joke, isn’t it?
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We don’t give a fuck.

“The Great American Bank Robbery,” a book by David P. Blight, published by a new publication, Blight Books, aims to provide a different kind of narrative to the recent series of robocalls. The series began with the robocalls that accused Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of being a “shill” for the bank he served as a state senator for in Vermont, and continues to be a series of similar calls.

“The Great American Bank Robbery” has several chapters about the different robocalls. In one, Blight writes about the first robocall that he received — about Senator Jon Tester — in March of 2011. The “bank robocall,” as it became known to the public, contained misleading and false information about who had been called to vote, Blight writes. He writes about a phone call from an ATM machine in South Carolina that falsely called Senator Tester a “Republican,” among other things.

The book also covers the robocalls made in the state of Illinois, where there was an event that involved a similar bank scam — called “Banksters on Parade,” and which involved another phony ATM call, this time from Wells Fargo, to Senator Mark Kirk, who resigned at the end of the event. In the event, the robocalls in the state ended up not calling the intended recipients and ended up just causing problems for them. As Blight writes:

The robocall that caused a lot of problems came from a well-trained person posing as “Pleasant Mary,” who phoned Kirk’s office twice after the vote, and twice after

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