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First, ask yourself, “What do you want to do?” Your musical aspirations should not be limited to the “right” thing. Take your time and research on your own! Look at your peers for advice and inspiration and ask questions to your teachers and peers. Also take a look at the videos out there, or read reviews of other singers who have sung with your group, and ask how it’s gone.

Can my group sing along to anything and everything while I am working on each section on stage?

No. As with any soloist or ensemble, you must have a musical repertoire that encompasses the different sections within the group, and must express those musical elements through singing. This is much like rehearsing with other groups—you must know each other, and have good communication during the rehearsal process.

How many people can join my ensemble?
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This is a very personal decision and subject to discussion if you choose to go the soloist route. The current group we have is 3 musicians, as well as all of our members in the past and future. We have a very high level of musical talent. I would say that there is about a 30 to 40% likelihood of being successful if you do not choose to become more involved. Some soloists enjoy group singing, but this is not necessary.

Will I be considered for any of these open auditions?

Please email all the applications you apply to at . You can send an additional file with all the audition materials you will need and contact information for both a teacher and a choir director for those interested in being sent a sample of the new material. (Please note that your sample file may be different than what is shown at the application window.)

How soon after the application deadline will I be notified about my next audition?

We expect to start sending out the application forms on February 22nd and to begin sending out the audition requests on March 1st.

Do I get to choose the music I want to learn and perform?

Yes! Once you fill and submit the application and have it returned to you when your audition is over, you will have the opportunity to play any pieces in our repertoire.

Can I audition to be included on our music list?

Yes! The list is comprised of all music performed by our singers, and will be sent to all performers who apply. It is not an audition to be eligible for the list.

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