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How many people can perform like that?

My daughter, who is 2, was playing on the viols at the kitchen table next door, and i saw it was a little bit too long and her hands were a little bruised. There was only 3 viol makers in that part of the country because there was a big demand. I just decided that it was worth getting her into the lesson. It was actually my wife, who is a musician, who suggested it (the viol is the same size). It’s really simple. Just get her to play on one string and then put another string on the viol. It should be a really good one. A couple of people I know who have taken to the instrument have done that and are really good.
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When the president of the United States says “hope” or “prayers” after a terrorist attack, it’s important to look for the intent. What was President Trump really hoping for? Was he trying to be empathetic to the American people? Was he trying to do something about a new threat to our sovereignty? Or was it something more?

“The president talked about hope,” said White House spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders at a press briefing on Wednesday, according to BuzzFeed News.

President Trump was quick to attack what he saw as an anti-American attack in New York City on Tuesday. “We always want to be very, very clear about what we are. We were here to offer a heartbroken nation a home. And we were prepared to help them in any way we possibly could on Sunday,” he said when asked to clarify the President’s remarks in his remarks following the New York attack.

Sanders went on to say that the President doesn’t “condone or endorse” the motives and intentions behind the terror attacks and that he simply wants the Americans to “not be afraid anymore.”

Sanders also seemed to imply that the President was not referring to Muslims:

We were here to offer a home. And we were prepared to help them in any way we possibly could on Sunday. And it is important to make it clear that that is the president speaking as a matter of fact, not condoning. We want to make it very clear that you cannot have an open border with terrorist countries.

Here’s the relevant passage of the speech at Yahoo News.

A new study sheds light on the brain’s capacity for self-regulation in people who report symptoms or symptoms of anxiety, as well as in people who claim to have depression

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