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(CNN) U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson appeared to take issue with the word “radical” in a recent interview in Italy, describing it as a “dangerous term” and suggesting it was not appropriate as “an insult.”

Tillerson’s remarks at an international conference in Tuscany came in a response to a question about what the U.S. should do to counter the rise of ISIS, and were later obtained by CNN through a diplomatic channel.

“Radical jihadists, as you’ve rightly noted, are the No. 1 enemy of our country and a number of us, including myself, have called for us to target these groups,” Tillerson told the gathering of political, legal, military and business leaders.

“I did say the term radical jihadists is not acceptable. And I said it with a focus on the dangerous group, not the radical or the extremist,” Tillerson said, according to the transcript of his remarks provided to CNN.

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He reiterated that view in remarks to another audience in New York a few days later. “We should be focused on defeating and destroying ISIS,” Tillerson said. “We should continue the policies that we’ve had through the Obama administration, but we should also deal with it as a regional issue.”

But some legal experts interpreted it differently, saying the Secretary of State is incorrect.

“Tillerson’s comment is in line with what legal scholars like to call the double-standard on language used by the administration,” said Robert McChesney, former White House counsel to President Ronald Reagan, describing it as an example at the center of a “vast global conspiracy of silence by Trump to protect his campaign’s national security secrets.”

“If you are an enemy of the United States, then you are an enemy of the United States. If you oppose the US mission in Afghanistan or Iraq, you are an enemy of the United States,” McChesney said. “There is no such thing as a neutral, independent foreign policy for foreign affairs and diplomacy. There is no such thing as a state-independent foreign policy.”

CNN’s Josh Rogin asked Tillerson if he was suggesting the use of the term “radical Islam

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