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(Or do you just say, “I can’t find a guitar so I’ll play it with my fingers as I go”) I think I just have a pretty good sense of the scale, even if I don’t really practice it.
Lesson 1: How To Play Fingerstyle on Ukulele ~ EASY ...

So you’re a guitarist in school and then this comes along and you’re like, “I’m making a band”

We actually put together a band in like the third week in class and we were like four or five people. The first day we did a few shows and then the semester after that we played six shows in one week. The next semester we did twelve shows in one week. We recorded a bunch of stuff for our self released EP and it’s really great, but we also did stuff with people like The Sticky Fingers and The Slackers and the Largest Band in the World and that record just came out on Topshelf Records and they just put it up for free and we were like, “Uhm, let’s try.” Now, it’s our very own label because of how cool they are…so we really just decided we want to just do it one week at a time.

The thing that’s always so cool to me about it is it’s almost something that people have their own way of doing. Like we’re doing things that I’m just getting from the radio. I think for most musicians this is the biggest thing in the world, but it’s nice when you get a group of people that are together and you can all just do what you’re doing and do your own thing. In that respect, it’s pretty cool.

You’ve been active in a lot of different musical scenes of late, so it’s been cool to get to work with some friends as well

I think we just happen to be pretty musical and so when we go to play gigs I don’t think any of our friends come with us, either. Most people have a band or two in town and they go with their friends. But we’re all about getting the gigs, and we also don’t have to go through any of the bullshit. All the bands are just like bands that we like a lot and don’t really know how we’re doing it, so it’s really nice. It’s like, “Hey people, this band that we’re doing…we’re going to do this in a couple days.”

You guys are obviously pretty tight.

Exactly. So a lot of people have been listening to

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