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Yes, that’s the beauty of this game. If you ever come across a ukulele you would go through all the different strings, shapes and sounds and get to grips with them all. If there is one thing ukulele players have to learn is how to move around them. All of the ukulele’s strings have a tendency to roll around, and have a natural curve to them. The key to being able to play these over ukulele is to keep the finger tips straight, as in keeping the finger tips as far away to the side as possible. When ukulele players learn their way around to properly grip the string, they make some great music. Just make sure you never stick out your foot while playing ukulele, as that can result in injury and soreness!

What is your favourite ukulele string to play and how do you play it?

I’d say the Strings to Play category is pretty similar. Some of the strings do have a little more of a bend, others have a slightly thinner curve. For those that are new and still new to ukulele as a whole, some of the larger strings may be the biggest challenge. Playing these larger string will get you really started in learning how the ukulele really works.

Is it easy to learn ukulele?

Yes, for a beginner learning a new instrument, learning how to play a ukulele string is easy. To start, there are usually a couple of videos posted on the ukulele site that have beginner videos. Most will teach a few chords, but many will include a section where you can try to play an easy tune. There are many YouTube channels that teach beginner ukulele lessons, as well as a few Youtube channels on the guitar, but we recommend trying to get someone to teach ukulele to you first at your ukulele store. If you have not played any ukulele, it will be difficult to understand and to play, so be prepared to spend several more days on the ukulele learning how it works.

What is your favourite ukulele string to play and how do you play it?

I wouldn’t say Strings to Play, but the same as above. Some strings have a little more bend to them, others have a thinner curve. That is simply the way this is, as it creates more control on

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