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I can’t and I doubt anyone else can. There are certain technical and stylistic nuances of finger picking, some of which can only be accomplished with patience and study, and none of which can be done automatically. But you know what? These are some of the best sounds possible and I can explain why, step by step.
I have many years of playing and training under my belt, and since the summer of 2005, I’ve been developing myself as someone who knows how to practice, what to listen for, and how to approach each and every note and string. And I wanted to share with you the most important tips and tricks I’ve learned, which has yielded some very cool sounding ukulele sounds that I can’t believe I got from the internet. I hope you find this information useful, and thanks for listening. (This is a long article at 6,000 words, but the information and techniques covered are very, very simple and apply to almost ANY type of ukulele, regardless of string type or even manufacturer.) So without further ado here are 12 things you should be using in your practicing so you can create and manipulate your own sound.
For starters, use your voice – this will give you more information about what you’re doing, and even in this day and age where it’s all about the volume on the instrument, most players don’t use their voice often, and I know I personally had a hard time learning how to use it properly until I gave it a shot a few days ago. And just because you are comfortable in the front end of playing ukes, don’t forget that your voice really IS the most important part of ukulele playing. If you don’t have a good voice, make a point of practicing it, and learn to use it.
Take your time – this is probably the most important tip, and it’s something I personally have to work upon as a beginner. We all want to sound like everyone else, but there are countless ways not to. In no particular order, I recommend waiting for at least one good ukulele player to play something you like, or practicing your ukulele in front of a soundcheck. When one person sings something that resonates with your ears, and the rest of the audience does, even if it’s really hard, listen to it and get a feeling for what that vibe would sound like in real life, so you know what to expect out of playing the ukulele.

Play loud –

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