How long does it take to learn ukulele? – How To Learn Easy Ukulele Chords

I have to admit I’ve never been very good at learning chords, so ukulele would be a good fit.

I’m still figuring out how to learn the simple ukulele fingerings at their fullest, so it’s hard to tell how long something like this took me to learn.

I did a lot of research on learning the ukulele over the past few years. Did anyone else have a hard time mastering it. You mention that you don’t have to study anything if you want to. It sounds like this was the one piece of advice that worked for you. How was that advice implemented? When and why did you start playing ukulele? Where did you live at the time?

I didn’t have the time to do formal studies when I was about 9, I remember when I found out I was studying for my exams, I went from being a full time student to taking a load of study time on my laptop, and learning lessons on the phone. I was in my third year at Uni. After a couple years studying that stuff took me from being a part time student to a full time ukulele player, so it seems I was on very consistent learning levels back then.

When did you start playing ukulele seriously?

It was before I started studying, playing the ukulele became fun, and I was learning how to play it at my own pace. There has been lots and lots of studying over the past 4 years – I still don’t have an in depth understanding of the basic ukulele guitar chords but I will definitely have a lot of practice over the coming year (I’m looking at ukulele studies as a lifelong learning project).

Where is your room? I have a huge ukulele collection, but I don’t want to go and get the ukuleles for all the different teachers that can help me learn them. When I am at the piano can I borrow your stuff, or will you have to take me to a teacher?

In this day and age ukulele learning is a one time deal, but I can get a full load of lessons from a teacher. The ukulele is one of my favourite pieces of music, and so it’s great that there are students who would like to borrow my ukulele collection if it ever comes in handy again (I’m on the lookout for a new ukulele!)

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