How long does it take to learn a ukulele?

The ukulele is the easiest instrument to learn. I’ve tried to simplify the ukulele in this book, but I don’t think you’ll really learn the ukulele very quickly. That’s probably because the ukulele is so simple to pick up and play. If you’re not used to hearing the ukulele, you may struggle to pick out individual notes.

How do I practice the ukulele in the best possible way?

When learning the instrument, you should practice like you are playing an actual instrument. That’s what all guitarists do when practising live. When playing ukulele, always play the way it’s most likely to be heard by your bandmates. If you’re playing the ukulele as a solo song and the audience is tuning, make sure that you have the notes and chord progressions correctly. Your ukulele should be a simple, rhythmic instrument. Practice on an instrument that you know how to play. The most common instrument I use for practice is a bass ukulele, as it’s a simple, tunable instrument. When playing ukulele, start from a bass ukulele, but add a little more to it.

How do I know whether a chord I am playing is a major chord or not?

When you hear the chord in your head, or in rehearsal or live performance, compare it to one of the examples from the “key to picking a chord”, which will be contained in the notes and chord progressions in this book. If it’s not “key to picking a chord”, it’s not one of the chords.

Can I skip a chord?

No, not before the beginning of the line. You must always start with chords, although not necessarily in time!

What’s the difference between a scale and a mode?

When you play scales, the intervals between the notes are the same as they are in the notes above them, except that the notes are spaced 2 beats in the key of A. If you were only playing scales, the scale tone would represent the pitch 1 pitch above the scale tone. However, in the key of A, the scale tone corresponds to 1 and the scale note is 5.

If you play a mode, the notes do not overlap with each other in time, and so do not necessarily represent the same pitch. This is because the scale note is 2