How much is a good quality ukulele?

A quality ukulele will last you for many years. You are unlikely to get it for a bargain price, and it will cost you about double that amount to buy. When you first buy your instrument, you will pay a premium of an extra 500 to 700 £ for a better quality instrument. If you spend that much extra, you can afford to buy a nice set of strings. (For a good ukulele guide, please see this page).

What about price and sound quality?

Some of the cheaper ukuleles will not sound quite as good as some of the more expensive ones. This does not mean that you will find a bad instrument – there is a wide range of quality, from the absolute cheapest ukulele on the market, to the top of the range ukuleles you can find.

Where should I buy a ukulele?

If you want to buy a ukulele you can find many retailers offering many different styles of ukuleles. One thing that you will see on shelves, especially from small local stores is that they sell ukuleles (or their components) at a discount, and often you can get a good deal by buying a ‘kit’ of parts in various styles, and having them ordered from the shop. If you do not want or can’t find a local shop that sells ukuleles, a good resource is here.

I can’t afford a Uke!

In Australia you are allowed to buy up to two ukuleles, so if you are trying to get a better quality ukulele you can easily get two or more!

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You bought a ukulele!

You can buy something called a ‘dumb’ ukulele. These ukuleles do not sound quite as good as high quality ukuleles. The ‘dumb’ ukulele you buy may not get you the best sound, but it does get you quite a bit cheaper than buying a high quality ukulele.

Do you have any more questions!?

If you have any further questions, or want to give feedback on your ukulele at the shop, please do get in touch via the contact form. Happy shopping!

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