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As an adult, I’ve learned ukulele within a year or so, which is amazing! It took me a bit longer playing competitively, since I was still learning the ukulele technique and tuning technique at the time, but now I get up every morning and start the day on tune, playing songs from YouTube and playing some easy songs in the store. Since I play mostly jazz and pop, which are the most common types of ukulele music to learn, I haven’t heard a lot of pop music or jazz on ukulele in the same way. I do though play some country and folk.

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How do I get started?

The first step is learning the tuning, which is quite easy to learn. A good way to start is to look into books or videos on tuning uke or ukulele. You can always find videos to help you out too. For example, I had never looked into kuso-jazz or nakamichi tuning until I saw some videos like this one. I got hooked and went right to that website. You’ll need to look into this website first to learn how to do it correctly. I got stuck on something for a few weeks, but then I started experimenting with different tunings, and it got easier. It helps to see what you already know and use examples like the example in the YouTube video. In this particular example, there is a “1” on the right of the string, while the right hand plays the “1” note on the “0” (on the bass). You can get that all wrong, though, and you’ll have to retune your strum. Once you’re comfortable, you can move to the next step.

Here’s what to look for when you’re first starting out: the uke and ukulele are a perfect example of how to tune a instrument. It’s very easy to tune and make it sound good playing both uke and ukulele without an expensive instrument. You may think, since you don’t know how to tune an instrument, that you’ll never be able to tune. It’s true, but it took much longer for me when I first started. There you’ll feel like you’re learning to play the ukulele backwards. It’s OK. Just get it right and enjoy playing it. You’re going to enjoy it a lot more when it sounds good.

How to start, how to progress

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