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Who is the best kukulele player? How many ukuleles do you think you own? This is one of the questions that people will ask you, but most people don’t truly know the details. The truth lies with the ukulele company, and the more knowledgeable a customer, the more knowledgeable they will become and will be able to answer your questions.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Lets get this out of the way first! Kukuleles have been made for centuries! The first kukulele was made in Germany at the end of the 17th Century and, while it was made by a number of different craftsmen, they all came together with the same basic idea – to play music in an instrument similar to a guitar. The first kukuleles did not play the same, unique notes as we do today, and as a result were not that good. But, with the use of a few clever innovations over the years – more importantly, the development of the piano – kukuleles have been played a lot faster and have a much more varied sound than they did as long ago.

Kukuleles were created for music by people who enjoyed hearing sounds for the first time, and it was through playing classical music music, and later jazz and country music, that it became popular. It took a ton of people, and a lot of money, but one person did it: a man named Johann Sebastian Bach.
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When Bach was composing his music he had an idea for a keyboard that could play all of his music. He didn’t want just the keys – he wanted the stringed instruments as well. He created an “augmentation” for the piano that could play the notes of his music, and, more importantly, it was able to play all the notes as well – something that today’s standard kukuleles simply cannot do. The kukulle company was started in 1780, by John F. Stoneman, and they quickly became an industry that still produces the same musical instruments to this very day. We all use kukuleles every day, and our ukulele purchases are almost always for playing and playing only. So, how did our favorite instrument come to the forefront of our lives?

The Story Goes Back to Kukuleles as We Know Them Today

Here are the origins of kukuleles as we know them today. The earliest known kukule

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