How much is a good quality ukulele? – Makala Ukulele Lessons

If you want something with a good quality sound, there is no easy answer but I would say it is a good value for money. Even if they are made in a poor quality, you can still enjoy them. You know, at least I hope you do.

A couple of months ago, after an awesome session with Andrew Fruchter, I started researching in an attempt to find an ukulele I could buy easily. One thing led to another and the result was a small shop that sells ukuleles for around US$150 each.

The ukulele that inspired this review is the UB2-1 made by Martin Guillaume and manufactured by Guillaume & Co. I had heard good things about this instrument when I bought a UB2 a few years ago (I think it’s a mid-priced ukulele, and that the price is fair). I got a review copy of the UB2-1 from Martin Guillaume and was looking forward to reviewing it. I’ve never owned a Martin Guillaume ukulele before and was hesitant to give it a fair shot but as soon as I started reading about the product I was hooked.

I’ve always liked Martin Guillaume ukuleles and the first impression I got was that they looked beautiful. Martin Guillaume made a ukulele the first time I saw it after getting a copy of their UH series of instruments and it looked even better than it had done before by the time I sat down to review it.

The ukulele sounds great, the feel is very nice and the tonal range is wide. My main concern with the ukulele I own today is the weight, it is pretty heavy and it is hard to hold and carry. If you’re looking for a little bit lighter, they are a good buy for that price.

The ukulele comes in a wide variety of different body and wood combinations so it really can be any length and width you like. There are two available color options and one for each body- the wood grain is very pretty. Even though there is limited selection of woods, the wood is very light and soft. I find this a good thing during recording sessions because it is much easier to balance the guitar with heavier strings than with lighter string.

The body is about 21mm wide at the nut – this is about the right width for most ukulele players

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