Which is harder piano or guitar? – Banjolele Lessons

This is a hard problem and is not really “answerable” in my book. There are a multitude of different factors when it comes to making a good piano sound. Different players (with different playing skill, and different temperament) can achieve very different results in playing a piano.

In my book, I have listed three levels you can follow to get you started –

“I” – Beginner – This is the level where you can play pretty well (and most new parents would, at this stage of their piano learning, start a new piano) and you may have a decent sound. But when it comes to listening, you need to be aware that you’re not going to be at the same level as others in the room with you and that you tend to hit notes too soon, or not at all. This is a great stepping stone to the next level, “IV” or “Advanced”.

“II” – intermediate – This level will help with hearing more clearly what each note does, and it will be quicker to learn new exercises

“III” – advanced – This is the “sweet spot”, where you can put in the hours and learn new exercises and techniques (this is where most new parents get stuck and fall off track in their piano improvement journey). There is a LOT of variety and there are many other approaches to play, so you have many options to explore. It is a fantastic experience to play with people whose playing style suits you. It is also very good to get to know people who have achieved this (i.e. a new-comer, someone working hard on a new piano etc. ).

You can’t learn all three levels in a month, so you could always do another course. You can always work on “I”, “IV” and “Advanced” or work on “II” if you like the way they sound.

If you already have a piano and want to get better –

I recommend getting a new one or two, preferably with a nice keyboard. It is very important that you get the right one for your skills. You should also try to get some of the equipment used by top musicians. (In the same way your dentist could recommend you a very expensive X-Ray when you come in to have an appointment, you may also want to consider getting a “lookalike” piano, but this probably won’t be worth your money.) Having access to a full set of “expert” instruments with good sounds

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