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A well known question amongst beginners of soprano uke comes from a young performer on a beginner’s audition: “I’m gonna make you my student with your soprano ukulele. How do I go about getting it?” This is definitely a good question. If you’re in London, there are some great studios where you get a soprano uke for just £5, or even free, which will have the ability to work right from the moment you set eyes on him. However, the advice to get a uke for free is not always correct. For example, if you’re a beginner, what’s the point of paying £5 when you could get something in a very short time from an established studio who probably offers you the same quality of service?

There are several ways to go about getting a soprano uke of your own, but the most reliable option, when it comes to beginner ukes, is to buy one from someone you trust. There are some companies that have a great reputation with excellent customer care. Some of them I’m also familiar with, some I wouldn’t consider to be so trusted though, but I want to be careful out there. If I do make a mistake, my first choice would always be asking for a refund and being upfront with the shop, so that there is some recourse if I get it wrong.

To get a beginner soprano uke you need two main things: a woodwind or uke (not a baritone! Bari-type ukes are better for beginners and will get better over time), and an instrument to teach it on. Both of these things are available at any good studio, so for £5 you’re guaranteed to get a beginner soprano uke for about a year (in London, this will be a lot quicker than anywhere in the rest of the UK!).

If you want to start learning uke in earnest, there are a lot of things to consider. The first thing is that you don’t want something you can’t easily play for three or four months, but can only learn one chord or two, or one octave, or one note at a time. A beginner guitar or drum course may be all that’s required for that purpose. It may also be the best thing for you in the long run but I wouldn’t advise it unless you can’t take any other sort of guitar lessons or drum course at all, because the exercises you’ll be learning on this

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