Is harmonica easier than guitar?

I don’t think it is necessarily easier as a harmonica. There are a lot of skills involved. It is easier for a beginner to learn to play guitar or harmonica. So I tend to get excited about things I see in the magazines or on TV. There is a lot of interest in that kind of thing, but in my view, harmonica (and) guitar are two completely different types of instruments. You might look at a harmonica, there are a lot of strumming patterns in it, but if I were to play that in the studio, there is nothing happening there that would be useful. They are completely different instruments.

Your song in the new album about the world is called “Garden of Eden,” is that based on a myth or something?

It has the same origin as “The Garden of Eden” and “The Garden of Eden, Part 4.” In the album, we were talking about how to get to the next phase of this world. I was thinking about the possibility, the idea that we could finally reach Eden, even to God. The idea that this is the first time that humanity has touched the surface of the planet and that life is not that rare anymore. Now I want to know when there is a good reason to leave the Earth and when we will get back. I wanted to say something about the possibility of a new beginning and the possibility of life being able to flourish again. To this end, I was thinking about what Eden should look like. I wanted to find a song that could lead us to this point.

What else can you tell me about the album?

I don’t have more concrete details yet, but I think a good portion will focus on the concept of paradise and Eden. In a lot of places, I mentioned that the Earth is the place where the sun is the closest to. So the place where the sun reaches its apex and the rest of the universe are not close enough in relation to those points, so it’s paradise or a place of tranquility where people can feel safe and can have an intimate relationship with nature. So many places around the world have a special place, that’s where they believe Eden is. But all of that is not enough. We need to also go to the Moon, Venus and Mars because in them people can do things that we cannot do, which are difficult to understand. To be able to look at other planets and have a feeling of our cosmic insignificance when we move closer