Is saxophone harder than guitar?

I think it’s hard, and I’ve always found it hard. If you do it in a slow kind of way, it’s harder; if you do it in a speed, it’s harder.

You know, one of the songs I wrote when I was with my wife was called “Cherish Me.” And it’s about, for instance, when you look behind you and you see the world beyond the front door, and you realize that there’s nothing there but the front door, your family, the neighbors, the people in your life. And, in fact, you might be surprised to see them there, they may even be very nice people you might think, and you may come to hate them, and you come to hate people you care about, but the same person inside. So I wrote that song because, if I remember correctly, we lived and worked on New York City for a few years.

Is there another song that you really love? Well, you know, I like “Fame,” because I think a lot of the people that you respect and admire have gotten to that point in their lives where they’ve started to become famous so quickly and to have this much power. But I think the song “You’re Always My Baby” is, on its own, probably my favorite song I’ve written, in its own right. It just is so beautiful. It’s a reflection, from that point of view, of something that’s not really happening to anyone, you know, and yet they’re just so sad for so many purposes.

I heard you read a poem last night, and it was pretty funny.

I read a really good poem — I read some of ’em out loud and somebody else read them at home, and we had a good time.

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It was just one of those things where you think you understand it, but when you get down to it with the word “God” and all that, it is almost like a religious experience. That’s what the poem was asking was, you know, are there things that you haven’t realized that you don’t need to be afraid to confront in order to live life for you? And then you are, you know, you have to confront your fears and be open to everything. I mean, it is very scary. The words are really scary but when you actually sit down and try to read them, they just seem like they’re talking to the same thing as everything else, and they’re just