Is it easier to learn to play guitar or ukulele? – How To Strum A Ukulele

I think most of the things you’re looking for are, but it’s more of a matter of having discipline and trying to focus on things that are going to help you become more successful with it. But yeah, I don’t think it’s actually more difficult, it’s more of a case of discipline. When I was in my teens and early 20s a lot of these things that are helpful came over the years from studying guitar.

Have you always been able to write down any notes when you’re writing that you’ve used?

For guitar I think the only thing that really sticks out was in a college course that I had to memorize a bunch of chords and then play it so I could learn those things. I couldn’t really keep myself busy playing a lot of guitar, so I used to write down notes and then after playing them I just put them down because I knew I need to know it. Then I remember later, it was a couple months later and I went back to the class I was in and I had forgotten everything, this is a lesson that a lot of students forget as soon as they start going to guitar lessons, but I remember thinking, “Oh yeah, I kind of knew that chord”.

What’s the thing that sticks out to you most as a kid that you didn’t know how to work around?

(laughs) It was a guitar that wasn’t too flashy. And that was the one that I owned.

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What was the first band that you got into and what was that process like?

First band I really started using a lot of was the group called the Flamingo Kids. It became the first group where a lot of kids were part of it because they were starting their own record label and it was around 2003 or 2004, and this is in England, so they just played very heavy and crazy rock music and a lot of people just liked the band. So the first time they played in a big arena, not a house, I think they played the Wembley Arena. They got really big in England and were really huge. And the second time they played at Wembley Arena, they just took it up a notch, from what I understood, because they made it more of an electronic sound but they had a lot of really cool songs. The second time they played Wembley Arena, we did a song called “Walking Alone” and I remember it was the first time I noticed that I had a guitar that I could actually learn something with

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